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deconstructedspecters asked: just wanted to say i fully support this. great project! Magritte is my artist of all time and this is the only way to improve upon perfection.

Aw shucks, thanks!

Text 18 Nov 13 notes Hiatus

I’m sad to say, I’ve run out of my Super-Magrittes! to publish. With the exception of any requests you send me, I’m going to focus on other creative work. But I have had so much fun remixing my love of surrealism and pixel art! I hope, at the very least, I’ve inspired some of you to work on your own passions projects. This one was sitting on my back-burner for a while, and I was surprised at both how easy it was to implement, and how well it was received. Those of you inquiring about prints can find them at Society6, so let me know if you want me to add anything.

Those Other Projects

I’m working on a few other things you may enjoy, some still in their early stages.

If you’re a fan of the political and the bizarre, you may enjoy my work over at Mutiny Radio, where I post news and also host a weekly eclectic music and current events podcast; Stranger in a Strange Land. We also discuss science, skepticism and the paranormal. Mutiny is always looking to recruit more DJs, podcasters, comedians, citizen journalists, writers, aggregators and editors.

I also contribute to the absurdist super-heroism of The Revengerists! which I encourage you all to join and fill up with your own weird art, fiction, metafiction, tropes, villainy, and insanity! It’s super easy to edit and all are welcome. To get a flavor of what we’re about, hit up random pages on our Wiki or check out our Podcast! It’s probably the most fulfilling thing I’m a part of right now and I honestly can’t stress enough how much mindless fun it is.

My older art can be found at deviantart, and you can find me around the web by searching “Breshvic" or “Breshvic Penicillin”.

I have many other ideas that will require multiple collaborators, including an epic time travel comic and a large-scale digital dreamscape environment, so please contact me at breshvic@gmail.com!

Thank you all so much!


Video 18 Nov 329 notes

"The Art of Goombing" based on René Magritte’s "L’art de Vivre" 1967.

Video 11 Nov 32 notes

“The Bob-ombs of Space” based on René Magritte’s “La Voix des airs” 1931.

Video 4 Nov 1,196 notes

The Free Rein Yoshi” based on René Magritte’s “Le Blanc Seing” 1965.

Video 28 Oct 32 notes

“The Bowser Principle (Portrait of King Koopa)” based on René Magritte’s “The Pleasure Principle (Portrait of Edward James)” 1937.

Video 21 Oct 86 notes

“The Angry Sun Falls” based on René Magritte’s “Le Soir qui Tombe” 1964.

…requested by mozart-1053

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eikonographia asked: Hey there! First, I'll start by saying that I think your work is genius! I am a huge Mario fan, and I think it's a great way to play on his pop culture status. I have a question for you, though. I had an idea similar to yours, and I was wondering if you knew what the implications of copyright and trademarks are when it comes to your stuff? Obviously (and wisely) you give credit, but can some representative of Nintendo or Magritte come after you legally? Thanks, and keep it up! - Joe

No idea! But if they asked me to stop, I would. It’d be kind of a stupid and brutishly mean thing to do, but I would comply and take everything down if they asked.

I could make some sort of claims of fair use based on parody, or remixing and changing the work in significant ways; but in the end I’m not a lawyer and would probably just acquiesce to their legal request.

I do sell prints, but only because enough people demanded it, and so far haven’t made much. So I’d shut that down too if their lawyers came after me.

But I would keep the work up as ‘fan art’ on my deviantart account, I think.

Video 14 Oct 36 notes

“The Empire of Lava” based on René Magritte’s “L’ Empire des Lumières” 1954.

…requested by thedanielleblue

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btub said: Any chance of this one being made into a print?

Yeah, if enough people dig it, I will put it on my Society6 page with some of the others. Typically, I was only doing the ones that had 50 notes or more, but I’ve made a few exceptions.

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